The World is witnessing massive changes as a result of the accelerated damages of climate change. The ability of the world population to cope with the changes, to mitigate their effects, and to adapt to their impacts poses a tough responsibility on policymakers, energy leaders, technology developers, and most importantly energypreneurs.

Facing an increasingly visible pressure, world leaders are betting on a Global Energy Transformation, a leapfrog in terms of energy supply counting solely on renewable energies, in terms of efficient use of energy focusing primarily on a wise utilization of energy resources, and in terms of a behavioral culture change relying on the human capital. In a time of planetary change, the future of life, in all its aspects, is being questioned today.

Circular economy, galvanizing renewables with blockchain, renewable energy auctions, unbundling electricity grids, and internet of things (IOT) are only some terms that would definitely shape the future of life. Energypreneurs need to lead the way towards a better future. The 10th edition of the International Beirut Energy Forum will be a distinguished spot to gather energy leaders from around the world in order to actually meet and forge a better energy future, not only in Lebanon but also in the Arab World and the Mediterranean.

Lebanon will be hosting and celebrating the 10th anniversary of an event that has become an annual gathering for energy professionals from all over the globe. The synergy that the International Beirut Energy Forum has created over the past 9 years reconfirmed its reputation as a lighthouse for development, dialogue, hope, and progress towards the future of life in a time of planetary change.

At the International Beirut Energy Forum (IBEF) 2019, local and international energypreneurs will be meeting, exchanging views, creating business links, and developing financing schemes for the entire spectrum of sustainable energy. Participants in the 10th International Beirut Energy Forum 2019 will work altogether to grapple with a world that is more volatile and more complex, yet demands greater agility, more speed, and more digital competence.

At the International Beirut Energy Forum 2019, engineers, bankers, decision makers, heads of corporations, universities professors and researchers, representatives of states and governments will meet together and join efforts to develop the sustainable energy market, thus expanding the investment frontiers.

It is clear that our world needs exceptional efforts from all concerned parties to rethink energy strategies, to adapt to environmental challenges, and to find sustainable solutions. Lebanon is striving to have a distinguished added-value in this regard, not only nationally, but also regionally and internationally. Whether through national partnerships and initiatives or through regional cooperation and international collaboration, Lebanon aims to keep–up with the digitalization of the sustainable energy sector, aiming at becoming a beacon for the entire region.

Join us to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the International Beirut Energy Forum 2019!








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