For the 8th year in a row, Lebanon welcomes energypreneurs from all over the world for the 2017 edition of the International Beirut Energy Forum (IBEF). The synergy that the International Beirut Energy Forum has gained throughout the years, has made this event a landmark for the sustainable energy sector, a lighthouse for development, dialogue, hope, and progress.
While our world needs exceptional efforts from all concerned parties to rethink energy strategies, to adapt to environmental challenges, and to find sustainable solutions, Lebanon is striving to have a distinguished added-value, not only nationally, but also regionally and internationally. Whether through national partnerships and initiatives, or through regional cooperation and international collaboration, Lebanon is contributing to the positive momentum of sustainable energy, trying to shine like a star.
The International Beirut Energy Forum 2017 is the place for individuals, engineers, bankers, decision makers, corporations, universities, and even states and governments to share experiences, to develop right policies and reliable technical solutions for the bright future of our planet.
Join the International Beirut Energy Forum 2017, get to know the latest trends in energy innovation, environmental leadership, and sustainability solutions. Upscale the positive impact of your contribution to sustainable energy and live the synergy of technology, finance, and sustainability. Whether you are an individual or an entity, at the International Beirut Energy Forum 2017, Shine, shine like a star!