Session 1A: Climate-Energy-Economy Modeling: Scenarios for Designing a Sustainable Energy Transition

Current State of Climate-Energy-Economy Modeling in the MENA Region: Research Results and Barriers
Dr. Chiheb Bouden, Professor, Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Tunis (ENIT), Tunisia

Session 2A: Smart Grid Applications: the Actual Potential for Lebanon

An Overview of Debbas and NEU
Mr. Ziad Debbas, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Debbas Group, Lebanon

Evolution of the Smart Meters Project
Ms. Carla Aoun, NEUC’s General Manager and Debbas Group’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Energy and Engineering, Lebanon

Technicalities and Potential Applications of Smart Meters
Mr. Galder Vizcaya, Head, Metering Business Unit, ZIV, Spain

What the Expert Says
Mr. Javier Hernandez Fernandez, Technical Director of Iberdrola Innovation Middle East, Spain

Towards a Smart Grid in Lebanon
Ms. Carla Aoun, NEUC’s General Manager and Debbas Group’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Energy and Engineering, Lebanon

Electricité du Liban, Lebanon

Session 3A- Roundtable Discussion: Energy Leaders of Tomorrow: Fueling the Lebanese Energy Sector with New Promising Horizons

The Lebanon FELL-18 Programme
Ms. Yara Tannoury, FELL-18 Member, Sales and Proposals Manager, Tractebel-Engie, United Arab Emirates/ Lebanon

Impacting the Grand Energy Transition: Role of the FEL-100 Program
Mr. Andrei Covatariu, FEL-100 Board Member and Member of the Studies Committee, Romania

Lebanon Energy Hub: Empowering Energy Leaders of Tomorrow
Mr. Toufic Rizkallah, Taskforce Leader of FELL-18 Human Capital Taskforce, Senior Energy Consultant, GIZ, Lebanon

Digitalizing the Electricity Infrastructure of Lebanon: The Road to a Smart Grid Until 2030
Mr. Farid Comaty, Taskforce Leader of FELL-18 Digitalization Taskforce, Senior Energy Consultant, Navigant, Germany

Session 5B: Case Studies on Italian Technologies and Solutions in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Sector
Ms. Francesca Zadro, Trade Commissioner, Italian Trade Agency (ITA/ICE), Italy/
Mr. Francesco Pallocca, Investment Promotion Expert, UNDIO ITPO, Italy
Mr. Fabio Bolognesi, Business Development Manager, Brulli Service SRL, Italy
Mr. Paolo Lio, Executive Vice President, PTSCLAS SPA, Italy

Session 8B: NEEREA and LEEREFF: Innovative Financing Mechanisms for Green

Green Loans for Green Investments
Mr. Werner Peylo, LEEREFF Team Leader/ Key Expert, GFA, Germany

Quick and Easy Wins in Energy Efficiency
Mr. Gurhan Mamaklioglu, LEEREFF International Engineer, GFA, Turkey/ Germany

Blending LEEREFF and NEEREA Financing
Ms. Melda Jabbour, Programmes Engineer, LCEC Technical Support Unit to the Central Bank of Lebanon, Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC), Ministry of Energy and Water, Lebanon

The 2018 Solar PV Status Report
Mr. Wissam Farhat, Energy Consultant, Lebanon

Session 9A: The Future of Green Financing

Green Financing: How It Can Boost Your Business?
Mr. Miroslav Maly, Associate Director, Green Economy Financing Facilities, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Team, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), United Kingdom (UK)

Green Financing Solutions in the Support of Climate Resilient Investments
Mr. Georges Andraos, Head of International Banking Division, Fransabank, Lebanon

Partner for Sustainable Development: Green Financing Projects by Taiwan ICDF
Mr. Alex L. J. Shyy, Deputy Secretary General, Taiwan ICDF, Taiwan

International Banks Commitment to Grow Sustainable Banking for a Positive Impact on Societies and Economies
Ms. Layal Nabhan, Professor, Energy and Finance, HEC Paris School of Management and Vice President, Wholesale Client Office- Large French Corporate and Investment Bank, France/ Lebanon

Session 9B: Energy Efficiency in Buildings: From Design to Operation

Energy Modeling in Architectural Design
Samir Traboulsi, PhD., P.Eng., ASHRAE Fellow, CIBSE Fellow, NEBB Certified Professional, Senior Lecturer at the American University of Beirut (AUB), Lebanon

BUILD ME, Towards a Low-Carbon Building Sector in the MENA Region
Mr. Moritz Schäfer, Associate Director, Navigant Energy, Germany

Session 10A: Hydrogen, Storage, and Power Quality

Grid-Connected Charging Systems for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: Impact on Power Quality and Grid stability
Dr. Kamal Al-Haddad, Professor, Ecole de Technologie Supérieure- Montréal, Canada/ Lebanon

Renewable Energy Storage Alternatives and the Hydrogen Generation Gas Turbine
Mr. Karim Osseiran, Senior Energy Expert, Ministry of Energy and Water, Lebanon









































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