Day One

Session 1A

A VIP Roundtable Discussion on the Integration of Technology and Education
Moderated by: Mr. Hassan Abou Okdeh, Senior Advertising Officer, Fransabank, Lebanon

– “Together Towards Sustainable Development Initiative” by Mr. Edgard Chehab, Assistant Resident Representative, UNDP Lebanon

– “Fransabank Corporate Social Responsibility: A Trigger to Sustainability” by Ms. Dania Kassar, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication, Fransabank, Lebanon

– “Fransabank SEF Initiatives Recognized Worldwide” by Mr. Georges Andraos, Head of International Division, Fransabank, Lebanon

– “Global Overview on Conference of Parties: Climate Change and Challenges” by Mr. Ricardo Ambrosini, Senior Operations Officer, Sustainable Energy Finance, International Finance Cooperation (IFC), Italy

– Signature of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between LAU and Fransabank

  • Presentation by LAU
  • Speech by Dr. Joseph Jabra, President, Lebanese American University (LAU), Lebanon
  • Speech by H.E. Mr. Adnan Kassar, Chairman, Fransabank, Lebanon

Session 2A

Moving Lebanon towards Resource Efficient, Eco-Innovative, and Low Carbon Industrial Production
Moderated by: Dr. Nada Sabra, Environmental Expert, Jordan and Lebanon, SwitchMed Program, Lebanon

Discussion Panelists:

  • Mr. Cristiano Pasini, UNIDO Representative in Lebanon, Jordan and Syria
  • Ms. Roberta De Palma, Chief Technical Advisor, Industrial Resource Efficiency Unit and SwitchMed Program, UNIDO, Italy
  • Mr. Dany Gedeon, Director General, Ministry of Industry, Lebanon
  • Ms. Radia Sedaoui, Chief of the Energy Section, Sustainable Development Policies Division (SDPD), ESCWA, Algeria/ Lebanon
  • Mr. Riccardo Ambrosini, Senior Operations Officer, Climate Finance Specialist for the MENA Region, International Finance Cooperation (IFC), Italy
  • Dr. Imad Hajj Shehadeh, Director, Technology and Development Division, Industrial Research Institute (IRI), Lebanon
  • Mr. Ibrahim Mallah, Board Member, Head of Energy and Environment Committee, Association of the Lebanese Industrialists (ALI), Lebanon

Day Two

Session 4

The Future National Plans for Green Financing
Moderated by: Mr. Michel-Ange Medlej, Advisor to the Minister, Ministry of Energy and Water, Lebanon

• Introductory Note by Mr. Mazen Halawi, Deputy-Director, Financing Unit, Central Bank of Lebanon (BDL), Lebanon

• “Introducing LEEREFF New Credit Line” by Mr. Lionel Cafferini, Director, French Agency for Development (Agence Française de Développement- AFD), France/ Lebanon (tbc)

“The Lebanese Environmental Action: for Water, Air Quality, and the Environment” by Ms. Patil Mesrobian, Programmes Development Officer, Environmental Specialist, LCEC

“Selection Criteria for Water Saving Solutions” by Mr. Charbel Rizk, Team Lead Civic Engagement, LWP, Lebanon

“The Green for Growth Fund (GGF): Advancing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy through Finance and Expertise” by Mr. Lachlan Cameron, Senior Officer, Energy Finance, Finance in Motion GmbH, Germany

Session 5A

Closing Event of the EU SISSAF Project
Moderated by: Dr. Juan Sanz, Team Leader, SISSAF

• Address of Mr. Cyril Dewaleyne, Program Manager for Infrastructure, Water and Energy, Sustainable Development Section, Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon, France/ Lebanon

• Address of Ms. Nada Boustany, Advisor to the Minister, Ministry of Energy and Water, Lebanon

“An Overview of the SISSAF Project Achievements” by Dr. Juan Sanz, Team Leader, SISSAF

• “The Green Buildings Standards of Lebanon” by Mr. Mohamad Chamas, Head of Services Department, ISO Mena Star National Project Manager, Sustainable Development Expert, Libnor, Lebanon

Discussion by SISSAF Panelists:

  • Mr. Simon El Hachem, Energy Key Expert
  • Ms. Christina Abi Haidar, Senior Legal Expert
  • Mr. Robert Sfeiry, Senior Energy Expert
  • Mr. Sarkis Farah, Senior Renewable Energy Expert
  • Ms. Petra Saab, Junior Renewable Energy Expert
  • Mr. Dany Samaha, Senior Oil Expert

Session 5B

IEEE Session on Advances in Power Technologies
Moderated by: Dr. Walid Kamali, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Al-Manar University of Tripoli (MUT), IEEE IE/PE/CAS/PEL Lebanon Joint Chapter Chair, Lebanon

• “Introduction to IEEE Lebanon Section and IEEE IE/PE/CAS/PEL Lebanon Joint Chapter” by Dr. Imad El-Hajj, Associate Professor, American University of Beirut (AUB), IEEE Lebanon Section Chair, Lebanon

• “The Potential Opportunities for Solar Energy in Middle East” by Mr. Bander Allaf, IEEE Region 8 Distinguished Speaker, CEO, Juffali Energy and Utilities, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

• “Advanced Power Electronics and Control for Grid-Connected PV Systems” by Dr. Hadi Kanaan, Professor, IEEE PES Lebanon Chapter Vice Chair, Lebanon

Session 6A

Effective Solutions in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
Moderated by: Mr. Youssef Ghantous, President, Lebanese Solar Energy Society (LSES), Lebanon

“Effective Solutions in Biogas and Heat Recovery: Landfill Gas Applications” by Mr. Ulrich Hofmann, Technical Manager, Aprovis, Germany

“Maximizing the Output of PV Plants: a Case Study” by Mr. Kevin Robinson, Services Area Manager, MENA Region, Jinko

“Super ESCO: A New Instrument for Accelerating EE in the MENA Region” by Ms. Kawther Lihidheb, EE Expert, EU-funded MED-ENEC, Egypt/ Tunisia

“International Development of Super ESCO’s and Best Practices” by Mr. Normand Michaud, Consultant, ESCWA/MED-ENEC, France

Session 6B

Innovation for Sustainability
Moderated by: Ms. Graziella Matta, Head of Marketing Communications Department, Group Communications, CSR and Customer Experience Division, Banque Libano-Française (BLF), Lebanon.

Discussion Panelists:

  • Mr. Karim Haddad, Sicomo, Lebanon
  • Mr. Rabih Osta, Phoenix, Member of Indevco Group, Lebanon
  • Ms. Nicole Gemayel, Bi Clean, Municipality of Bikfaya-Mhaydsse, Lebanon
  • Mr. Maurice Iskandar, Banque Libano-Française, Lebanon

• Final ceremony of the Earth Card competition

• Announcement of the winners of the 2016 Earth Card competition

Session 7

All About NEEREA’s Future: Raising the Standards
Moderated by: Dr. Farid Chaaban, President, Al-Azem Univeristy, Tripoli, Lebanon.

“NEEREA: The Backbone for Sustainable Energy Development” by Mr. Mazen Halawi, Deputy-Director, Financing Unit, Central Bank of Lebanon (BDL), Lebanon

“The New Criteria of NEEREA Loans” by Ms. Melda Jabbour, Programmes Engineer, LCEC Technical Support Unit to the Central Bank of Lebanon, Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC), Lebanon



Day Three

Session 8

National Renewable Energy Grid Code and PV Status Report
Moderated by: Dr. Joseph Al Assad, Assistant Professor, Université Saint-Esprit Kaslik (USEK), Technical Advisor to the LCEC, Secretary General of the WEC Lebanon Committee, Lebanon

• Address of Mr. Philippe Lazzarini, UNDP Resident Representative, UN Resident Coordinator

• Address of H.E. Ms. Christina Lassen, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon

• Address of H.E. Mr. Arthur Nazarian, Minister of Energy and Water

“A Progress Update on the EU-funded CEDRO Project” by Ms. Jessica Obeid, Project Coordinator, EU-UNDP CEDRO Project, Lebanon

“The Renewable Energy Grid Code for Lebanon” by Mr. Zakaria Rammal, Energy Consultant, Lebanon

“Lebanon’s First Solar PV Status Report: Witness of an Exponential Growth” by Mr. Jil Amine, Project Manager, GEF-UNDP Decentralized Renewable Energy Generation Project (DREG), Lebanon

• Closing Speech by Mr. Kamal Hayek, President and Director of the Board, Electricité du Liban (EDL), Lebanon

Session 9A

Distribution of the Energy Awareness Awards (EAA)- In Presence of H.E. Mr. Arthur Nazarian, Minister of Energy and Water
Moderated by: Mr. Tony Khalife, Journalist and TV Host

• Documentary about the Energy Awareness Awards (EAA)

• Address of Dr. Toni Issa, President, IPTEC, Lebanon

• Address of Mr. Philippe Lazzarini, UNDP Resident Representative, UN Resident Coordinator

• Address of H.E. Mr. Arthur Nazarian, Minister of Energy and Water

• Documentary about the Winning Projects

• Distribution of the Awards

Session 9B

Fostering an Energy Transition Scenario in the Mediterranean: Costs, Benefits, and Implementing Measures
Moderated by: Mr. Roberto Vigotti, Secretary-General, RES4Med, Italy

• Welcome Address by Ms. Nada Boustany, Advisor to the Minister, Ministry of Energy and Water, Lebanon

• “The Mediterranean Energy Transition Scenario by MEDENER-OME-ADEME” by Mr. Nejib Osman, President of MEDENER, Director of Studies and Planning, Agence National pour la Maitrise de l’Energie (ANME), Tunisia


  • Ms. Jamila Matar, Director, Energy Department, League of Arab States, UAE/Egypt
  • Dr. Kurt Wiesegart, Team Leader, MED-ENEC, Germany/Egypt
  • Ms. Emanuela Menichetti, Director, Renewable Energy and Electricity, Observatoire Méditérranean de l’Energie (OME), Italy/France
  • Dr. Ammar Taher, Energy Efficiency Expert and Executive Advisor, RCREEE, Jordan/ Egypt

Session 10

Air Pollution Reduction in Lebanon through Efficient Energy Use in Land Transportation – In Presence of H.E. Mr. Mohamad Al Machnouk, Minister of Environment
Moderated by: Ms. Radia Sedaoui, Chief Energy Section, Sustainable Development and Productivity Division, ESCWA, Algeria

• Documentary about the National Campaign

• Address of Dr. Toni Issa, President, IPTEC, Lebanon

• Address of Ms. Roula Majdalani, Director of Sustainable Development and Productivity Division, ESCWA

• Address of Mr. Luca Renda, UNDP Country Director, Lebanon/ Italy

• Address of H.E. Mr. Mohamad Al Machnouk, Minister of Environment

• Distribution of the Published Reports and Studies

Session 11

Quality Building for Consumer Confidence
Moderated by: Dr. Maged Mahmoud, Technical Director, Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE), Egypt


  • Mr. Ali Ben Abdellah, Technical Advisor, GIZ Regional Project (RE-ACTIVATE), Tunisia
  • Dr. Mohamed El Sobki, Executive Chairman, New and Renewable Energy Agency (NREA), Egypt
  • Mr. Rani Al Achkar, Senior Programmes Engineer/ Member of the Board, Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC), Lebanon
  • Dr. Ahmed Badr, Executive Director, RCREEE, Egypt
  • Mr. Arnulf Knorr, Programme Coordinator, GIZ/ RCREEE, Germany/ Egypt
  • Mr. Ashraf Kraidy, Senior Advisor to the Energy Department, League of Arab States (LAS), Syria/ Egypt
  • Mr. Sami Marrouki, Solar Energy Expert, Ecoser, Tunisia

Session 12

LCEC Plans Beyond 2016- Launching of the 10 Public Sites Bid
Moderated by: Mr. Ashraf Kraidy, Advisor, Energy Department, League of Arab States (LAS), Syria/Egypt

“Introducing a New Bid for Solar Public Street Lighting Systems” by Mr. Rami El Sayegh, Coordinator, SUDEP INARA Project, BIAT, Tripoli, Lebanon

“Building the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct: Corporates and Professionals Needs” by Dr. Samir Traboulsi, Fellow ASHRAE, Fellow CIBSE, NEBB Certified Professional, Lebanon

• Announcement of an Expression of Interest to Bid for 10 Public Sites

• Immediate Announcement of a Bid for a Solar PV system- Ministry of Energy and Water Building

“Designing a PPA for Renewables Integration by the Private Sector” by Dr. Hafez Al-Salmawy, Professor of Energy Engineering, Former Managing Director, Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency (EgyptERA), Egypt

“It is the Time to Apply Law 288: A Call to the Private Sector” by Mr. Pierre El Khoury, President of the Board- Director General, Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC), Lebanon