MED TEST II: Resource Efficiency in the Lebanese Industry

Ms. Roberta De Palma, Chief Technical Advisor, Industrial Resource Efficiency Unit and SwitchMed Program, UNIDO, Italy


Industrial Research Institute: Energy Saving & Energy Efficiency Activities

Dr. Imad Hajj Shehadeh, Director of Technology and Development Unit, Industrial Research Institute (IRI), Lebanon


Resource efficiency: sound business strategy for a more competitive and sustainable industrial production in Lebanon

Mr. Dietmar Ueberbacher, Environmental Programme Officer, Italian Development Cooperation Office, Italy/ Lebanon


Resource Efficiency in Lebanese Industries

Mr. Ibrahim Mallah, Board Member, President of the Energy & Environment Commission, Association of the Lebanese Industrialists (ALI), Lebanon


Malco Group: Experience with the MED TEST II Project

Mr. Marwan Al Koussa, Manager, Malco Group, Lebanon


The Urban Context of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

Dr. Nadim Farjallah, Program Director of the Climate Change and Environment, Issam Fares Institute  for Public Policy  and International Affairs (IFI), American University of Beirut (AUB), Lebanon


The Path to Sustainable Agriculture

Ms. Inass Abou‐Khodier, Sustainable Energy Finance Senior Specialist, Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE), Egypt


Adapted solutions for financing irrigation, energy efficiency and renewable energies

Ms. Amal El Malouani, Head of Financing Sustainable Development, Groupe Crédit Agricole, Morocco


EU’s region-wide strategy on Energy

Ms. Irène Mingasson, Head of Unit Regional Cooperation Neighborhood South, DG NEAR, European Commission, Belgium


Energy Regulators of the Mediterranean: Training for a Common Energy Future

Ms. Veronica Lenzi, Research and Scientific Manager, MEDREG, Italy


The UfM Energy Platforms

Ms. Olgu Okumus, Project Manager Energy,Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), Turkey/Spain



Launching of Lebanon’s NDC Intranet Database

Mr. Andrea Rizzo, Climate Change Expert, and Mr. Dario Berardi, IT Development Expert, EU‐Funded ClimaSouth Project, Italy


Does Energy Transition Need International Cooperation?

Dr. Dario Chello, President of MEDENER, Head of Unit, European Union and International Organizations, ENEA, Italy/ Belgium


Developing UfM RE EE Platform

Dr. Ahmed Badr, Executive Director, Regional Center for Renewable energy & energy Efficiency (RCREEE), Egypt


The CESMED Experience

Mr. Naguib Amin, Team Leader, EU‐Funded CESMED Project, Egypt/ France



Ground Source Heat Pumps: Principles, Design Process, Operation and Maintenance

Mr. Bartomeu Casals, GSHP Specialist, TTA, Spain


Design, Construction and Commissioning of a 1.1MW Ground Source Heat Pump at the Medrar Medical Center in Lebanon

Mr. Robert Balash, Project Manager, Albina, Lebanon


Heat Pumps Applications and the Potential for Lebanon”

Dr. Mario Motta, Professor, Department of Energy, Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI), Italy


DREI Methodology and importance (global view) and DREI Lebanon: Derisking

Renewable Energy Investment

Mr. Mischa Repmann, Senior Advisor, FirstClimate, Switzerland


The DREG Progress and the 206 Solar PV Status Report for Lebanon

Mr. Jil Amine, Project Manager, GEF‐UNDP Decentralized Renewable Energy Generation

Project (DREG), Lebanon


Wind Energy Grid Code for Lebanon

Mr. Zakaria Rammal, Energy Consultant, Lebanon


Natural Gas as a Clean Alternative Fuel in the Transportation Sector in Lebanon

Ms. Radia Sedaoui, Chief of the Energy Section, Sustainable Development Policies Division (SDPD), ESCWA, Algeria/ Lebanon


The Lebanese Natural Gas Potential

Mr. Ramadan Ghalayini Lebanese Petroleum Administration Geology & Geophysics


Tips and Quick wins for Industrials

Mr. Fares Kikano, General Manager, SMG‐Energy, Lebanon


Fransabank Green Products and Services

Mr. Georges Andraos, Head of International department, Fransabank, Lebanon


The Green Schools Certification Program

Mr. Gilbert Tegho, Manager, E‐ecosolutions, Lebanon


Towards a Regional Strategy for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Mediterranean Cities: the Experience of SUDEPSouth

Mr. Ismael Al Hinti, Consultant, EU‐Funded SUDEP‐South, Jordan


The Greenpeace Solar Training Initiative: Building Skills, Creating Opportunities

Mr. Nader Hajj Shehadeh, Greenpeace Energy Advisor, Lebanon


The Evolvement of the Solar Water Heaters Market in Lebanon”

Mr. Tony Gebrayel, Energy Engineer, Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC), Lebanon


Green Buildings and Degree of Environmental Response
Mr. Aram Yeretzian, Assistant Professor, Joint Position for Climate Responsive Buildings, Department of Architecture and Design, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, AUB, Lebanon


Green Neighborhoods and the Potential Financing by the Green Climate Fund
Mr. Rani Al Achkar, Senior Programmes Engineer, LCEC











































































































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